Cutting, Dividing, Shaping, Topping Machines,
industrial sorting and cutting plants
Onion "Top and Tail" cutting machines, 
shallot "Top and Tail" cutting machine, 
radish "Top and Tail" cutting machine

  D. - 14. Potato dividing machines
Halving and quartering of peeled potatoes
D. - 15.

Cutting Machines / cutting systems / topping machines
Industrial sorting and cutting plants,
shallot "Top and TaiL" cutting machine,
radish "Top and TaiL" cutting machine

cutting machine for tubers, root vegetables, vegetables, onions and shallots, partially suitable for fruit and tropical fruit

  D. - 15.3 

French fries (UK: chips) cutting machines

  D. - 15.11 

Onion "Top and Tail" cutting machines series DORNOW-TT


  D. - 16. Shaping Machines
for shaping potatoes, carrots, etc.