Laboratory Equipment for potato processing

for an initial assessment of raw and peeled potatoes and French fries (UK: chips) 


Device for the determination of dry matter or water content in potatoes and other tubers / root vegetables. Calculation of the proportion of soil clinging to fruit is also possible (1166) 


Test deep fat-fryer for the assessment of colors, shapes, and the general mode of reaction of fried French fries (UK: chips) and potato chips (crisps)(1163) 


Device for the determination of the residual moisture content in French fries (UK: chips), potato chips (crisps) and similar products (1164) 

Peel control device DORNOW - SKG for the detection of irregular peeling of tubers and some other fruits within the peeling machines, especially for the detection of an eventual plain peeling (clod generation)


Further devices
for food assessment are available in specialist shops for laboratory equipment.


Further Reading:

- Q 134 Sensory Diagram for French Fries (UK: chips) (Karlsruhe diagram, revised)
- Q 95 The Colors of Pre-Fried French Fries (UK: chips) and Fried Potato Chip Slices (crisps)
- Q 139 Boiled Potatoes, Potato Chips (UK: crisps), French Fries (chips) and Other Potato Products in a Taste Test