107. Ginger (also called zingiber, ingber). – DORNOW delivered peeling machines for ginger,
which, however, can also be used for the peeling of tubers and roots.
Ginger is an emerging product and is very healthy.
106. Central America. – A large peeling plant for tapioka (cassava, maniok, yucca, mandioka, aipim) was delivered. This fruit only grows in the tropics!
105. We were particularly happy about the sale of a roller peeling machine to the
French manufacturer of sterilized potatoes and beetroot. Some of our machines are
in operation here as re-peeling machines in steam peeling plants for many years now.
104. Further large roller peeling machines and other machines were sent to Nigeria, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mongolia, Columbia, Taiwan, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia.
103. A special peeling machine was sent to Switzerland for the peeling of in its jacket
cooked potatoes. The potatoes peeled this way will be used for potato salad, which so
gets a special potato taste.
102. For a big British potato processing factory we delivered via a British Engineering enterprise
2 peeling machines, type 20K-AT-OS, which were integrated in a steam peeling line as
re-peeling machines.
101. French fries pre-frying plant to Switzerland delivered. – Capacity approx. 250 kg/h, to a large extent automatic, frying process in kettles, therefore housewife quality, “home-made”.
100. A further Roller Peeling Plant (peeling rollers 4 m long) was delivered to Hungary.
Large capacity, peeling of nearly all tubers and roots.
99. "Universal Peeling Machines"

Our "Multi-disc peeling machines" are "Universal peeling machines". In future we would like to emphasize this strongly in our offers and our advertising.

The machines can, of course, economically peel potatoes, carrots, celery tubers, other tubers and roots such as tapioka (in pieces). We have developed suitable peeling tools (peeling discs) which can be delivered in large quantities. They can be in inserted or changed in a few minutes.

It is worldwide probably the only peeling machine being able to carefully peel potatoes cooked in its jacket. In Switzerland we recently installed such a machine as part of a complete line. Thus a better taste of the potato salad produced there will be achieved.

Furthermore the machine can excellently peel smaller products such as mini potatoes and carrots from 20 mm diameter or even smaller.

The universal peeling machines with appropriate peeling tools are also suitable for some tropical fruit, for example "breadfruit".

Important to know: Also outside poor (bad) potatoes, onions and the like can be peeled with acceptable result (with higher waste) as finished goods.

Changing of the peeling tools in a few minutes! - Most products with very little water consumption! All water nozzles separately adjustable.

DORNOW for 60 years your specialist for peeling technology!
More than 50 peeling machines available!

Please visit our Peeling Test Center!

Study our complete interesting delivery program under
98. Peeling machine for yuca (like cassava, manioc), ready for shipment to South America, capacity up to 7t/h
97. New: DORNOW - Freeze-Peeling - Peeling of certain frozen fruit (sub-zero temperatures Celsius)
DORNOW is also in a position to peel experimentally certain frozen fruit (sub-zero temperatures Celsius) in the Peeling Test Center
96. Melons: Trial Peelings and Peeling Machines
95.   Trade fair participation Fruit Logistica 2015

Visit DORNOW food technology GmbH at the famous trade fair 
Fruit Logistica 2015
Info stand trade fair hall 3.1, stand C-5
from February 4 – 6, 2015 in Berlin

Ask for our

Latest peeling machines and plants
French fries pre-fried plants
Techn: boiler oder chamber French fries
Storage life oder preserving plants
sterilization, pasteurization of potatoes and other tubers and root vegetables, in foils
We will be pleased to welcome you!
94.   New circular that is sent to the food industry worldwide (08.2014):
93.   We delivered a peeling plant to peel potatoes cooked in their jacket (skin).
Customer produces "potato salad".His opinion: Potatoes first cooked and then peeled have a better taste!
92.   “Peeling” of sweet corn, corn cobs (Separation of corn cobs and maize kernels)
91.   Technical Center – Generally overhauled roller peeling machine for our Peeling Test Center. This one and other peeling machines are available for peeling tests to interested parties.
90. Pleasant news from Switzerland:
Recently we delivered a complete peeling line for all kinds of tubers and roots to a Swiss company producing fresh vegetables, and we received the following unrequested message:
       “Yes, the operation of your plants is mechanically very successful with a lot of know-how.
        This leaves a mark.
        Control procedures, however, should still be upgraded. But you know this."
We very much appreciated this well-thought-out comment of our customer.
89. Drum Knife Peeling Machine
Comparative tests lasting for months have been finished successfully. 
88. Orders received recently / delivered machines and plants
87. DORNOW peeling plant for Russia with machine MSS-AKM
86. DORNOW delivers complete peeling plant for carrots, celery tubers and potatoes with roller peeling machine R-OW-90-A to Switzerland
85. DORNOW delivers two peeling plants for cassava (manioc) to Africa
84. DORNOW delivered a complete potato peeling plant with MSS-AKM peeling machine with a new tipping device without motor to Russia (picture 8)
83.   Peeling of big green peppers and chouchous (for La Réunion)
82. Breadfruit is an aliment. The fruit can be peeled with DORNOW machines with very little waste. Demonstration is possible in our Peeling Test Center together with personal advisory service. DORNOW delivers complete peeling lines.


81.   Hokkaido fruit can also be very well peeled with our smaller machines. Manual operation or fully automatic. Further information of the batch peelers: Batch peelers: A.-1,1.6 – Demonstration in our Peeling Test Center.


80.   New onion peeling line with DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-150-A (capacity 2 to 4 t/h depending on size and quality of the onions) for a Germany factory. – The onions (unsorted) are put into the peeling machine with top and tail. Deep frozen onion cubes are produced. 


79.   DORNOW roller inspection tables are frequently order during the last time. First-class construction made of stainless steel and plastic material, adjustable. Can be delivered in almost all lengths and widths. Easy to clean! For inspection of almost all roots and tubers, partly fruit. – More Information: G.-9,9.1 – Demonstration in our Peeling Test Center.


78.   The new DORNOW batch peeler 35K was sold several times over a short period. It is available fully automatic and manual operated. Until now this size of a batch peeler was missing within our program. – Very little water consumption due to mechanic discharge of the peelings. Input of 15 to 20 kg or more depending on the product. – Capacity per hour approx. 600 – 1000 kg potatoes (raw material). – The smaller model of this machine “20” is described in detail under: Batch peeling machines A.-1,1.6.



77.   New DORNOW potato peeling line near Paris, France. DORNOW peeling machine 35K-AG-MS consisting of: bin with conveyor belt, peeling machine, roller inspection table, conveyor belt to the cutting machine. Capacity: approx. 600 – 1000 kg/h raw material. Look also at news 78.


76.   We added to our delivery program: Drum Knife Peeling machines
They are suited to peel large capacities of potatoes and other products with knives.-
Demonstration not far from our Peeling Test Center possible.

As alternative we offer the multi-disc peeling machines, knife model, demonstration and consulting in our Peeling Test Center possible. Please notice how many other products can be peeled with these machines.


75.   Potatoes cooked in their jacket successfully peeled with minimum waste.
Place: Factory of one of our clients. Sort “Belara”, unsorted. Peeling waste between 8 and 15 % - The operating machine does not only peel potatoes boiled in their jacket, but also many other natural products. Please see A. -1, 1.10
74.   Onion peeling plant, fully automatically, with peeling machine 20Z.-AT-MS. Please see A. -1, 1.6; pictures 4b, 4c
73.   Sugar beets will now also be used for the production of “Chips” (UK „crisps“). Cleaned they are also of interest for biogas plants.(A.-1, 1.73)

Big roller peeling machine R-OW-150-A1 in an onion processing factory for the production of roasted onions.

- Diameter of the installed two screw conveyors inside 1500 mm, length of the peeling rollers 4000 mm: picture in A.-1.1, picture 9.

71.   Smaller cassava peeling machine, ready for dispatch to Africa
70.   DORNOW's first apple peeling machine, prior to dispatch
69.   DORNOW potato dividing (halving) machine KT2 in combination with the DORNOW drum sorting device and a DORNOW chain conveyor
68.   Two big DORNOW roller peeling machines in a new potato processing factory: 1. R-3016-100KK-S170 and 2. R-3014-100KK-S150
66. Important new article: "The peeling of onions for industrial use. Propose for a new method." Click on Q195 E3
65.   Cassava factory in Africa with DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-130-A during mounting
64. Onion peeling line in a deep freeze plant
63. Onion peeling: 3 possibilities, click on P119 E3
62. DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-150-A1, 12 peeling rollers 4 m long, diameter 150 mm, internal screw conveyor, diameter 1500 mm, for peeling of all tubers and root vegetables. Capacity approx. 3-8 t/h depending on product and requested peeling grade

DORNOW - Peeling Test Center: 
DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-110, 8 peeling rollers, diameter 150 mm, 3 m long as supplement to roller peeling machine with rollers diameter 100 mm available for tests

  60. Liquidation of the large peeling firm Sch. in S. because of reasons of age. DORNOW buys back 3 DORNOW roller peeling machines
  58. New blade peeling plant for potatoes on an agricultural enterprise
  57. New multi-disc peeling plant for the German market with the machine MSS-AK (dosing bin, MSS machine, inspection table), pictures 12 and 13
  55. Potato halving machine KT2-570/4 (delivered)
  54. Two large roller peeling machines, ready for delivery, destined for a new European potato processing factory (pictures 7-9) 
  53. Onion peeling machine, peeling without waste water.
Screw diameter 1500, length of the rollers 4000 mm
  52. Quotation of a customer: "There are cheaper roller peeling machines, but no better!"
  51. Brush machines, brush peeling machines, brush washing machines, brush cleaning machines.
  50. Roller peeling machine for Norway (purchase of a second machine of the same type after 25 years)
  49. New pre-peeling machine in a potato crisp factory in the Czech Republic
  48. Please see our first video films on the Internet:
Film 1: 
Film 2:
  47. Carborundum-Replacements:
Sustained success with "Quasi-diamond-grains": Brochure P116

The newest DORNOW-brochures:
P117 - Multi-Disc Peelers MSS
P118 - DORNOW - Peeling systems
P119 - Onion-peeling machines and systems 
  44. Further peeling plants in Africa for cassava / manioc / tapioca
  42. Unfair Competition:
Letter to suppliers of roller peeling machines with peeling rollers equipped with 1/2 "corundum" and 1/2 "blades", "knives"
  41. "World Onion Congress" in Dronten / NL
  40. DORNOW roller peeling machine R-3012-100KK-S130
  39. Radish "top- and tail" cutting machine DORNOW TT, see section D.-15.13. 
  38. We build largest roller peeling machine: 
diameter of the inside screw conveyor 1900 mm, 16 peeling rollers, each 4 m long
  37. The onion "top- and tail" precision cutting machine TT 65-90 is in our peeling test center.
  36. The new developed onion peeling machine MSS-AZ and 20 Z can be demonstrated in our peeling test center
  35. New knifes for inspection (pitting spoons): section G.-28.
  34. Just now completed: our smallest roller peeling machine: 
diameter of the inside srew conveyor 500 mm, 3 peeling rollers, each 2 m long
  33. Large DORNOW roller peeling machine R-OW-150-A in Great Britain at the time.
  32. New peeling plant in Northern Germany
  31. New peeling plant in Spain
  30. Onion "top- and tail" cutting machines for onions (D.-15.11) and shallots (D.-15.12)
  29. "Universal" peeling machines: section A.-1.2.
27. The French canning factory "LUNOR" integrated DORNOW roller peeling machines into their steam peeling plant.
26. We supplied the French canning factory "Leblanc" with a specially constructed roller peeling machine.
25. We supplied the Belgian canning factory "Scana-Noliko" with a specially designed roller peeling machine
24. New small and compact roller peeling machines
23. Our latest processing: treatment plant for peeled products with only one motor (washing, inspection, preserving, dripping off, weighing / packing). Please see section A.-2. - peeling plants, item 5 - potato peeling plant.
22. "Gartenfrisch Jung GmbH", Jagsthausen (salad producer) has started running the multi-disc-peeling-machine "MSS" we supplied for peeling celeriac, radish, kohlrabi etc. 
21. New complete DORNOW peeling plant in Ireland with roller peeling machine R-OW-110-A for peeling potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips.
20. Handmade potato chips and potato crisps are in demand! You can produce it with our plants!
19. Peeling of citrus fruit, treated with enzymes. Enzymes help to peel oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit.
18. First machine for peeling "Potatoes boiled in their skin" (= cooked salad potatoes) has started running
17. Oranges, unpeeled and peeled
16. Shallots, tops and tails (leaves and roots) removed automatically, afterwards peeled 
15. Peeling Waste from 2.7 % with DORNOW Mechanical Peeling Machines
14. Very Bad, Peeled Crisps (Chips) Potatoes, 50 % Saved for Production
13. Vegetable Crisps (Chips) Systems
12. DORNOW Roller Peeling Machines
Now with interior diameter up to 2.5 m, diameter of the peeling rollers approx. 100 or 150 mm, length of the peeling rollers up to approx. 4 m, capacities of up to 25 t/h input.
11. New Peeling Test Center
10. New French Fry Production System
    9.   Have  a Look:  "Peeled Products" (This section is being continually expanded)

Peeling Machines for Potatoes Boiled in their Skin, working continuously

    7.   Optical (Electronic) Sorting Plant

A New Storage Bin for Underwater Storage with Dispensing Device


Roller Peeling Machine R-OW-150-A (interior diameter approx. 1500 mm).
Please see 12.


New Small Roller Peeling Machines


Demonstration of Multi-Disc-Peelers "MSS"


"Batch Peelers" 20K and 20M


Complete Potato Sterilizing System